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Playmobil Jet Plane 4310

Jet Plane 4310

The Playmobil Jet Plane 4310 can carry both passengers and cargo and has seats which can be dismantled.

It has a removable roof and passenger door and a hinged cargo door.

It comes with a pilot, stewardess, 2 passengers and their luggage.

Playmobil Jet Plane 4310 is suitable for ages 4+

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Playmobil 4310 Jumbo Jet Passengers & Cargo Plane Aeroplane People - **Tatty BoxPlaymobil 4310 Jumbo Jet Passengers & Cargo Plane Aeroplane People - **Tatty Box£80.00£0.00eBay

Lego Chima

Item details

Release date:1 Feb 2011
Model no:4310
Section:Dolls & Play Figures
Category:Play Sets

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